Body Empowerment

Young and naive is how we enter this world
this world that teaches us how

how to learn
how to love
how to think
how to act
how to change
who to be

It is through trends that we give value
to others, to ourselves
But what if there was no one to tell you
what would be the new right and wrong?
What if you were the one who could make that decision?

Would you have to be thinner?
Would you have to be prettier?
Would you have to be more muscular?
Would you have to be fitter?
Would you have to eat healthier?
Would you have to look any different from the person who stares back at you in the mirror?

Or would you simply be enough?

Regardless of what will be the next big thing in #goals, I choose body empowerment as my new approach to self love.

I am me, and the best at that.

As are you.

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