Perfectionism kills all creativity.

In a way. Not to sound dramatic and all, which I am, so I will, but being a perfectionist makes living ‘the dream’ harder.

This is being a perfectionist in the not profitable way.
One can believe in ones abilities to create and want the creations to be good.
One feels the need to create but never believes that the creations are good enough to share.

And this is not asking for compliments, honestly thinking that what you made isn’t good enough, that others will judge and point and that there are other people who do it so much better – why even bother?
Negative thoughts leading to inaction.

Well, NO MORE! Or less, at least less.

And how? I don’t know beyond these points:

1. Accepting that you have a problem
2. Accepting that you are definitely not the only one with this problem
3. Not losing yourself swallowing in self pity because ‘life is haaaaaard’, but finding ways to bend the negative thought spiral into positive thoughts
4. ‘I suck’ becomes ‘I might have to give it a proper go before I name myself a failure’
5. ‘Don’t criticize yourself, others will do it for you’ said my papa and he was right. So, no judging that might lead to intense fear of failure, which you can achieve trough:
7. More of no. 6
8. Excersize. Just go out, walk a bit and come back. I like running, which is awesome, but the walks I go on with the roomie are just as good
9. Find why you started to do what you became afraid of. In my case, I love singing but I shut down when it starts to get serious because I fear I’ll suck at rocking a belt song halfway through. I love how I can actually feel sound in my body and the expression of feeling through music is beyond amazing. That is why I sing, that’s it. Love for the art.
10. I don’t really have a 10, but stopping at 9 seemed like giving up. So.. focus on what makes you smile! A day not laughed is a day not lived, but when you’re dealing with mental health issues just smiling might be enough of an accomplishment for a day.

Breath, smile, focus.

One thing is for sure, whether you are a productive perfectionist or a more passive one due to fear of failure, the only thing that will help you is putting in any form of work. Just starting might be enough to get you to create something wonderful that may not be perfect, but it’ll be grand.

Hope you liked my little brainfart – if not, at least I will.

Love and hugs

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