Little Voice

To honor the album that made me fall in love with the creative works of Ms. Bareilles.

Hi, you.

You might have noticed that the world has gone a little.. well mad to say the least. Hatred, protests, scandals, lies, marches, shaming of culture, religion, race, gender, political views and abundant use of freedom of speech.

Whether it’s for good or evil, it’s there and part of it seems to be necessary.

I’m not one to speak when it comes to politics, I know to little and quite frankly not anything that can be of any use or that can contribute to the overflow of information that has been attacking the internet this first month of 2017, but I do know this:

You can only be sure of two things in life, everything you know to be true can one day change and eventually you will die. Also, if there aren’t any ups and downs you’re probably dead already so embrace the downs and enjoy the ups.

In the meantime we are left with trying to entertain ourselves and others if you’re lucky enough to have others to entertain. So in the spirit of madness, let us not forget that what truly matters is love and kindness for those around us. Life is hard enough already, we all have a story and plenty of baggage. If we stand together, little voices united as one big voice of equality, love and acceptance, then the bullies can’t turn away anymore, they’d be forced to at least face us.

Now, getting them to listen, that’s the tough part.

Part two that is.